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Corona Virus Pandemic Has Brought Some Economic Benefits - Doctor Muli Maingi

Doctor Maingi is a lecturer of finance at the Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, he also lectures at Strathmore University, University of Nairobi and St Paul's University. He was tasked with explaining if Corona Virus Pandemic has brought any economic benefits in the country at the Inuka Show which is brought by Search for Common ground Kenya and aired on radio Maisha. Here are some of the benefits of the pandemic that he highlighted.

Doctor Muli Maingi ( Linked in )

He first stated that covid-19 has improved E-commerce, this is a situation where business people advertise and sell their products online. He noted that before the pandemic most businesses stressed on opening branches to their businesses in order to expand operations, this was quite expensive and due to the restrictions brought by the government, most businesses have opted to E-commerce which is quite cheap and reaches a wider audience.

He also noted that the containment restrictions have made most of artists and and players in the entertainment industry increased their presence on social media. He said most of celebrities have opened YouTube channels which have provided them with an alternative means of earning. He said that this will continue generate revenue for the artist even post pandemic period thus increasing their income.

Online classes have picked up ( Photo: East Africa Institute of Certified Learning)

Doctor Maingi also noted that the current predicament has improved the education sector by enabling alternative sources of learning i form of E-learning. He said this will improve on education as it saves time of going to the lecture halls daily to meet the students.

His last point was that the corona virus has made citizens to learn on the importance of maintaining savings from the income generated. This is because individuals have learnt that things will not always be the same and such scenario may happen again.

Despite all this he also acknowledged that the pandemic has caused serious economic impacts but said that we should not always focus on the negative sides of a situation but try and push forward.

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