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Another Cartel Catches Attention of TSC, Teachers Allerted As They Continue Losing Millions

Year in year out,teachers have been crying foul of being defrauded by people believed to be a chain of cartels working at the Commission's headquarters.Teachers have ended up losing money after being promised jobs,promotions amongst other goodies.Unfortunately,most of the teachers never learn from these repeated mistakes.

A few months ago,TSC listed and got some cartels arrested after having robbed teachers millions of shillings.The DCI apprehended them and their photos were made public.Since then,the cases reported have been few since their motives had been made public.

TSC has always alerted the teachers to evade such conmen during recruitments and promotions.These conmen are quite strategic such that they time when the teachers are desperate.Unfortunately,the teachers are seemingly losing more money.The Commission has given a new alert about another criteria of teachers being conned.This time,the retired teachers are the victims.TSC has raised an alarm about the new wave of conning for these teachers.Hopefully,they will get this information and be more alert as alerted by TSC.

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