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Winners And Losers As The Ministry Bans Boarding Schools.

The government has announced plans to phase out primary boarding schools moving forward.

According to education principal secretary Belio kipsang, the move is aimed at giving parents enough time to interact with their children.

Speaking during this year's head teachers conference in Mombasa, the PS who represented the president in the event said the government has decided to domicile junior secondary schools in day schools so as to strengthen the engagement between the parents and their children.

He noted that Kenya has the highest number of children in boarding schools at 28 percent saying it's rare to find any country with over 15 percent of children going to boarding schools.

He advised parents against the dangers of outsourcing parenting to teachers saying parenting is a sole responsibility of parents.

In looking at the consequences of this move, we take a look at the winners and losers.


One, Parents. They will save all of money that is normally spent in educating their children in expensive boarding schools.

Some parents take their children to expensive boarding schools due to peer pressure and prestige hence end up spending huge sums of money on education that they would have obtained cheaply in day schools.

Two, teachers in boarding schools. Some teachers are made to work for long hours without any extra pay to keep the learners in schools.

Some especially boarding Masters and mistresses stay in schools at the expense of their marriages.


Private owners of boarding schools.

They charge exorbitant school fees whereby a bulk of it goes to their profits after meeting the expenses of feeding and paying teachers and other workers.

Day schools means they will charge less money hence reduced profits.

Two, suppliers. They supply schools with cereals and other foodstuffs making a Killing in the process.

It will be bad news to them because their supplies businesses will be hit hard as children will be eating supper at home with their parents.

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