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Form 4 And Class 8 Learners Shouldn't Go For First Term 2021 Holiday Due To The Following (Opinion)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the normal education calendar has been fixed to cater for the lost duration during the suspension time to curb the pandemic spread.

The academic year has been shortened by several weeks being lost. Initially the normal number of weeks that these candidates had to take in the school was 39 week compared to this shortened calendar accommodating only 30 weeks.

Since the work load to be covered by these candidates before they face their final examination remains constant as compared to the fixed timetable, the candidates should not be allowed the opportunity of joining the rest of the learners in the coming 2021 first term holidays.

This is to enable them have that enough time to capture well the syllabus before the tough time of examination which is ahead of them by just less than 5 months.

Teachers should therefore use this one week duration to organize different revision activities to the candidates to prepare the well for the fourth coming examination

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