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Parents Seeks Justice After Her Son's Arm Is Broken By Teacher In Matungulu

Photo of the boy who's arm was broken by teacher in Kisukioni Boys High School(Photo source:mwikalijuly)

Parents from Kisukioni Boys High School in Matungulu Subcounty are seeking fir help after their son, a form three student arm was broken after being beaten by a teacher in the school.

Addressing the parents who were agitated said that the reason for the boy to be given serious injuries by the teacher were unknown as the boy was only trying to look after his fellow student when the teacher decided to punish him.

Mercy Muli mother to the boy said that she got a call from one of the parents telling her to co.e to school to help take the student to the he was seriously injured but upon arrival at the school she was refused to take the boy for treatment.

"I got a call from a parent to come and take my son to school as he had been seriously injured and he had ran out school after he was beaten but when I arrived he had already gotten back to school but I was refused to take my child to the hospital," she said.

The parents who reported the incident to the nearest police post said that their child's life was in danger as the school principal had told them that the boy was still going to be punished and now they wanted just to transfer their boy from the school as his life was in danger.

" We want to take our son out of that school because his life is in danger, if the principal can tell us that they will still punish the boy, why leave our child in the hands of people who do not care for him," said that parent.

Content created and supplied by: MwikaliJuly (via Opera News )

Matungulu Mercy Muli


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