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Goodness Of Authentic Assessment In The New Education Curriculum.

What is an authentic assessment? It is a form of assessment in which learners are required to perform a practical task that demonstrates meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills. The following are some of the merits of this assessment as compared to the 844 system of education assessment.

1. Authentic assessment provides a teacher with more complete picture of what learners know, with this assessment a teacher can comfortably say that a particular learner got what he/she was taught.

2. It measures the ability to knowledge of the content in real life situation as compared to old assessment where only knowledge of the content is measured.

3. Authentic assessment focuses on both the process and the outcome,in old assessment, the focus is only on the product, a learner can have a wrong procedure but with the write answer which is okay according to the old assessment.

4. It is more of learner centered because most of the activities in the learning process are done by the learners themselves.

5. Requires the learners to demonstrate and show what they know as compared to old assessment where learners are required to demonstrate knowledge by selecting an answer to the written tests.

6. Learners can construct New knowledge out of what was talk by the teacher.

These some of the advantages of Tests in our new curriculum,that is Competence Based Curriculum (CBC)

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