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Wednesday's Bad News to Unionless Teachers And Civil Servants

The teachers and civil servants are still cooling down from the recent dissapointments by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.The Commission dashed their hopes of getting a new CBA that was set to begin this July.

The teachers unions that had initially given a strike notice have met the employer and have finally struck a deal that will see strike become a forgotten thing for now.The unions however did not get any monetary offer from the employer.This has made teachers to pile pressure on the teachers unions especially Knut to disclose the contents of the CBA that was signed early last week.

Knut has been left with less than 20,000 members.Majority of the primary school teachers are currently unionless.There have been fear that among the CBA contents between unions and TSC is the deductions of urgency fees from the non union members who are actually unionisable.

The teachers have woken up to bad news this Wednesday following the revelations by the Daily Nation Newspaper that the teachers will start paying the urgency fees.This has now left teachers in suspense if in case it is mandatory for them to join Knut.

On the other hand,the rising cost of living is set to bite the civil servants too. The same Newspaper has reported that the civil servants will now start paying more for rents in the Government houses.This is also some bad news for this group of employees whom some have been paying very low rental charges for decades.Indeed,the cost of living has began biting.

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