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Education News That Hit The Headlines This Tuesday Evening

The hero behind Njiiri High School, Teachers marking 2020 KCSE down tools over reduced compensations and KUPPET writes to KNEC demanding better terms for markers - are some of the education news making headlines this today.

1. Teachers marking 2020 KCSE down tools over reduced stipends

Exactly when they were going to mark the last paper being English with the goal that KNEC officials might release them this Wednesday fifth of May, the teacher examiners rose into turmoil over decreased allowances. An undisclosed insider uncovered to The Standard.

The examiners wanted the vehicle repayment improved, saying the expense of movement went up because of the Covid-19 travel limitations. 

It likewise arose that the instructors needed an increase of the coordination charges, which they said had been fixed at Sh150 for a long time. They needed this increased to Sh500.

As shown by the source, what tormented the markers in Nairobi is how their colleagues in the other 34 marking centres had been dismissed without pay unlike they are familiar with.

According to the source, they have earned no single compensation since they reported to marking centres and that they were just told they have cut their stipends considerably given the Covid circumstance, in opposition to their assumptions. 

“Presently our partners in different centres have effectively been sent home with no compensation. What we are being told is that all the cash will be shipped off us once the results are out,” exposed the source. 

The source says, being the last cluster of instructors, they have managed less than a celestial eating routine, clog in inns and harassment by KNEC authorities who needed the KCSE results to be released by Friday this week.

“A portion of our partners have been attacked, and it is not out of the question that we get our allowances before we head home,” the source said to Standard.

For instance examiners at Buruburu Girl’s centre said they woke them up at 4 am to clear and leave the scene after they finished the activity, in what insiders said was to ban them from joining their partners to dissent.

Further, the source notes that their endeavours to reach the outgoing KNEC CEO Dr Mercy Karogo to get explanations proved futile as she didn’t pick calls or reply to any SMS messages.

2. KUPPET Has written to KNEC Demanding Better Terms for Markers

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) Secretary-General Akello Misori declared he has kept in touch with KNEC requesting better terms for markers. 

“We have asked the examinations committee to among different issues, improve working conditions for the examiners and to amend their rates, which have been in presence for a long time,” said Misori.

Akello says they don’t need to disagree to be reimbursed for better working conditions. He asserts they need transport reimbursement for supervisors and invigilators from ASAL zones to be revised upwards since most of the areas are extensive, obliging some to go up to 200 km to arrive at their schools. 

“The rates for regions, for example, Wajir and Tana River ought to be improved,” said Misori. 

Misori contended papers like Chemistry Paper 1, Mathematics and English Paper 1 should each be paid at least sh100 yet by and by denoting each paper pulls in the middle of Sh51 to Sh58. 

“Science, Chemistry and Physics educators should be considered for allowances during practical. Other pragmatic subjects like Agriculture, Building and Construction, Music and Home Science ought to be considered no less,” said unionist said.

The teachers’ union additionally needs Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) to build invigilators’ and supervisors’ compensations by 100%, saying it has fixed the current charge for quite a while. 

The association wants school heads, otherwise called centre administrators remittance, which as of now is Sh500, to be looked into upwards.

3. Njiiri: The witty senior chief behind school named after him

Some of you might be alumni of Njiiri High School. What you didn’t know is the story behind the legendary name Njiiri.

Amos Kereithi, an author at The Standard, brought it down to recollect one of the notable saint called Karanja Wa Njiiri who wedded 30 spouses was a colonial chief.

As shown by the writer, Njiiri was among the Mau political dissidents along with Dedan Kimathi and General Waruhiu Note. They together battled for freedom when British contingents were subverting the Aberdares. 

Kereithi says they will perpetually remember Njiiri not given the number of spouses he had or one of his child’s stepping down for Jomo Kenyatta as an MP when the last was in the long run released, but for a school that bears his name. 

“Njiiri outwitted three other senior chiefs, Michuki Njoroge, Ignatius Murai and Ndung’u Kagoi and chose the location of a school, just a short distance from his home and convinced them this was the ideal site.

“The following year in 1958, the school opened its doors with Peter Sanderson and his wife as the only teachers, reads the article by Kereithi.

He says the school has over the most recent 63 years formed the lives and predeterminations of over 15,000 understudies who have gone through it and stays perhaps the most pursued schools in Mt Kenya locale. It has anyway changed its name from Njiiri’s High School to Njiiri High School.

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