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Best Courses That Orient Students To Be Their Own Bosses After School

Every young person's dream is to have a brighter future full of success and accomplishment of goals. Sometimes the careers we pursue in campus determine the people we will be in life after school. Most of us want courses that will give high chances of getting direct government jobs and highly marketable. However, considering the current state of the economy, it's evident that the available job opportunities are few compared to the number of graduates seeking employment. 

Thus to reduce the rate of jobless in the country, some institutions like the university of Nairobi, KU, JKUAT, Egerton, Moi and other universities have introduced courses that are meant to orient students in self employment opportunities. These courses provide learners with skills on how to run self businesses, control income and provide more chances to those who do not have enough capital to start their own firms. 

If you're interested in pursuing such courses then check out the following three courses. 

1. Commerce. 

This one entails everything to do with the start, manage and expand a business. Touches on all fields of specialization such as finance, accounting, procurement, marketing and insurance. It's such a broad field which also requires one to pursue professional courses like CPA, CIFA, CCP. These serve as an added advantage to your commerce knowledge and increases chances of landing in better pastures in the business world. 

2. Music. 

Many people despise it but if your talent and passion lies here don't let it go. Once you learn music, even before graduation better opportunities like participating in celebrity dance videos come your way. Creativity also helps one invent better dancing styles, releases new songs and upload them on YouTube which pays artists for their amazing content. All this takes commitment and confidence that you'll get much audience by producing quality music. 

3. Agriculture and related fields. 

Our country relies on agriculture as the main economic backbone by exporting it's products to developed countries for processing. Now being an agricultural student adds an opportunity of doing agribusiness. You've all the skills needed in operating plantations, maintaining healthy crops, fertilizer usage, farming methods and techniques. So take this chance to get fertile land, proper irrigation and plant highly marketable crops. At harvest times you sell these products to the government or export them on your own. With such a good source of income you'll never find yourself seeking for civil servant jobs. 

Don't worry anymore about the issue of getting employment after school. These courses in addition to others like tourism, sports, computer science will make you be your own boss. 

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