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Why Many Students are Shunning Degree Courses to Study TVETs Courses

Today in kenya , TVETs are gaining popularity day by day. They have becoming the main point of focus in higher education with ever increasing number of students opting for their courses.

“In a span of three years there has been a current trend were students who qualified for University courses are opting to pursue TVET courses. In the year 2019 about one thousand nine hundred students who qualified with university grades registered for TVET courses. About four thousand of 2020 class registered for TVET courses. The KUCCPS are following up those students who opted for TVET courses, ” says Magoha.

These trend that is currently gaining momentum in country has raised many questions as to why TVETs are becoming the first priority of students . These has left Universities devastated with some facing financial crisis since they has been decrease in enrollment of parallel students who were the main source of income for Universities.

The people have awaken from their slumber and have realized that degrees attained in Universities are not a guarantee to a successful life. Over the decades it was believed by majority that Universities education was the best compared to Education in colleges and tvets. It was a source of prestige to most parents since tvets were associated with failures and none wanted that.

It has also been witnessed that it’s becoming expensive to most people hiring people who have attained degree opting for others. The reason is that TVETS are providing quality education compared to University.

Most of TVETs courses are very marketable. The skills acquired within a short period of time have made some to be self employed while some have been absorbed by the market due to higher demand for task force.

In addition the amount of time spent in TVETs and that spent in Universities have a wide margin of difference. With most courses in TVETs taking less than three years Universities take minimum of four years with some courses spending . Cases of student strike in TVETs are rarely witnessed while in Universities their has been numbers of riots and strikes recorded. This riots and strikes have always delayed graduation of many students due to consumption of time during re innovation of damaged properties.

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