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Video; Kenyatta University Students Shamefully Laughs At Their Poorly Performed Cat Results

A video has gone viral of Kenyatta University students laughing at their own poorly performed continuous assessment test results with the varsity premises.

In the video that has gone viral on Twitter,the students are laughing at the marks of individuals with the highest having scored only 9 out of the possible thirty marks in a cat. The last one in the cat has a two percent which made the students to laugh even loud.

In deed nowadays students are not afraid to perform poorly in exams. It seems like it is something very normal and they take it as a joke not knowing that they are misleading each other.

It is the same students who always cry foul of being tested with difficult exams and in this video they are really happy on the poor results.

Students need guidance and motivation to work hard and stop complaining of unemployment.

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