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Opinion: University And College Students To Resume Physical Learning In May.

The government was able to close down physical activities at both colleges and universities. No one knows when this kind of activities will take place. This was a major blow to high institutions of learning that never saw this coming.

All thanks to high number of corona virus cases that was being recorded, and it was not showing any reduction signs, schools were shut down. This is because everyone could agree that shutting them down as the best solution. Safety first,learning never ends. The online mode of studies that was being implemented was expected to fit in for physical lessons. But how sure were they this could work? This kind of studies has some huge demands that only a few people can afford. The study requires a smartphone or a tablet or a laptop. How many parents can afford to purchase this? Another necessity is excellent networking systems. Some areas especially in remote place networks are very poor and can not support online studies. Availability of bundles or WiFi is another colossal quagmire. This kind of studies therefore fits well and financially stable families.

A commoner can not fit. The government might therefore take a risked step and lift the lockdown and other a few covid directives including resumption of learning coming May. This is support with the flattening curve of covid patients. I can testify how happy university and college students can be, gratuating in particular.

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