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Worrying Monday News on How Parents Have Resorted to Look For Next Week's School Fees

The schools have been closed for one week.The students are expected to be in classes next week when schools will be opened for term two.The teachers at home are preparing to open the schools with fresh records about term two work.

The Ministry of Education is determined to see that no child remains at home without going to school just because of school fees.However,the recent mopup exercise for form ones by CS Magoha revealed a lot.The parents fear taking their children to schools only to be sent home again later for fees after the Government's pressure.

The parents have to look for school fees before their children get back to schools next week.Unfortunately,today's revelation on how far the parents have resorted to looking for next week's school fees is worrying.The PD Newspaper has reported that parents have resorted to shylocks in order to raise fees.The shylocks are informal lenders who at times can charge high interest rates.Some of them can also be ruthless in a situation where one may not pay on time.This route may be dangerous and expensive for the parents.However,they have no option.

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