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Covid-19 Lessons For Universities And All Institutions Of Higher Learning

In a country where Internet connectivity is above 65%, with a population constituting over 65% youthful people who are techsuvy, coupled with the influx of cheap and affordable smartphones which are Internet enabled, it is sad for a mere outbreak of a disease like Covid-19 to bring the whole education system to its knees.

To think that universities and all institutions of higher learning were also worse hit by the presidential directives of closure and that two semesters went down the drain just like that, it is the saddest part. Universities and all other tertiary colleges should epitomise innovation, science and technology at its best. These is not to rubbish the gallant steps most institutions of higher learning have taken towards embracing E-learning. As much as we are eulogising such strides, we urge our universities to embrace technology in its entirety. Let's have all programmes being offered in all institutions of higher learning accessible on two fronts - both face to face lecturing and on online platforms.

If this were the case, then our students at the universities and all tertiary colleges wouldn't have been affected at all. They would have comfortably continued with their studies online and within the confines of their homes. This would have helped to keep in line with the Ministry of Health's rules and regulations that governs reduction of the spread of Covid1-19 virus like keeping social distance. This the only way, our institutions of higher learning could be saved from congestion and being affected with presidential closure announcements.

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