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Why CBC Is Better For Your Child's Future

competency based curriculum better known as CBC was unveiled in the year 2017. There has been mixed reaction since then with parents complaining on various issues.

The main reason as to why CBC was introduced is because 8.4.4 was not able to produce competent student even after being in school for 16 years.

There are so many advantages about CBC than in 8.4.4 system. Below are some of the difference CBC comes with.

Real Experience

student practice to things they do in real life instead of just reading from books.

Student Work on Their Pace

compare to 8.4.4 which followed a strict time table here all students are catered for including slow learners.

Skilled Based

student get to practice what they are good at not what the syllabus wants.

Continued Evaluation

in 8.4.4 there were only two exams while in cbc student will be assessed from time to time and not just to pass exams but sharpen their skills.

Teacher and Student Interaction

for students to perfect on their skills their need the closeness of the teacher and this makes the teachers understand their students more.

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