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Why CBC Is Good For Kenyans

The competency based curriculum is in its fifth year of implementation since it was launched. However, there has been ups and downs and challenges on both parents side and teachers. This has inturn led to court cases to cut it off before it's too late. But CBC is not bad as insinuated by few.

Comparing it with 8.4.4 in terms of cost, CBC is cheaper, why? A child spends only six years in primary and six years in secondary school that are absolutely free. While in 8.4.4 this child could only spend four years in secondary. Therefore, the added cost that was being incurred at university or tertiary has been reduced to only three years. In a nutshell higher education has absolutely been reduced.

About the viability of this new curriculum in line with job market, it's viable compared to 8.4.4. Look, currently there are no jobs yet the education system is producing more graduands that are white collar job oriented. But CBC manufactures learners to have specific skill that is practical in solving current issues in our society, there a child who graduates from this new curriculum the society buys him or her and not vise versa.

It is therefore important to know that competency based curriculum makes an individual to be a solution to the government and not a problem as in the case with 8.4.4.

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CBC CBC Is Good Kenyans


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