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Secondary Education


"Tutakunywa Chai Twende Home" Panic As Another Boarding School Give Orders To Their Administration.

Where are we heading to as a country? who do we blame? This is because things seem to be getting out of hand. As a section of High school children are burning down schools, son are resorting to being rude and leaving at their own will. The latest case being from Mbaine secondary school as they left school peacefully earlier this morning.

The school which is located in Meru county was deserted few minutes after they had taken breakfast. This was followed by locking up their dorms and leaving for home immediately without informing authorities. This is very bad considering the fact that parents and teachers are not playing their part well leading to the unrest.

One student however noted that there were rumors of an arson attempt hence they decided to leave in peace. What do you think the government can do to ensure such behavior stops immediately? The half term was however given to pupils but it doesn't help either. The sad part being that other schools will continue learning and similar exams will be administered too. Be sure to follow me for such informative articles too. Thanks for your time readers

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Mbaine Meru Tutakunywa Chai Twende


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