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7 ThingsYou don't Know About Prof George Magoha

  1. Prof George magoha research on male erectile dysfunction was once used during the invention of the Viagra and Cialis, the drugs were used to treat erection dysfunction.
  2. George Magoha has published 59 research papers, mostly on sexual dysfunction, which were reputed in international and national journals.
  3. Magoha's career in urology which was informed by the struggles that he witnessed while growing up of men unable to pass the urine.
  4. Prof likes jogging ,playing basketball at his own compound together with his son and he also plays a bit of golf.
  5. Prof is married to Dr Odudu Barbara, who is agynaecologist, and they have one child, Dr Michael Magoha who is a surgeon
  6. Prof enjoys and like planting trees at his rural farm so he likes the nature.
  7. He has done supervision to 38 theses of doctors in their postgraduate master's of medicine in surgery.
  8. Those are things i wish you new about Prof George .What majority of us knows is him being the VC of University of Nairobi.He is also the Current cabinet secretary of education.

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