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Parents Group mo0ves to Court to Defend CBC After Nelson Havi's Petition

The competency based curriculum is bringing alot of debates across the country.We are having divided opinions on this issue.There are parents who are opposed to the CBC program while others are in support of it.On the government side, some are against it while others have endorsed it.Magoha has claimed that there will be no going back and the CBC train has already left the station.

On the other hand the National Parents Association chairman has claimed that he will be countering Nelson Havi in court over CBC.He claims that he has received complains from parents and there is need to secure it.Remember not all parents are against the new curriculum.Some parents are actually good with it and not ready for another change of program.

He claimed that the change from one program to another will affect our children academically.Now that we have two groups that will be face each other in court what is your opinion on this CBC program.

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