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Learning Activities In Primary, Secondary And Tertiary Institutions Might Be Suspended In Early July

It is almost one week since schools were reopened. This was after the ministry of health noticed a decrease in the positivity rate and as by that time schools were opened, the country's positivity rate was at 6.3 per cent.

The head of the nation His Excellence Uhuru Kenyatta after much consultation from Covid-19 experts, he ordered resumption of schools as it was earlier planned by the ministry of Education.

Since that day, the country has continued to record inconsistency in percentages in terms of infection and as per yesterday's report from the ministry of health, a huge sample of six thousand, two hundred and forty four (6,244) were tested for Covid-19. Out of the sample tested, four hundred and sixty nine (469) new cases were reported.

The number of deaths was increased by eight new deaths summing up to a total of 3,021 fatalities. The positivity rate is at 7.5 per cent as per yesterday's report.

Reports from reliable sources has again revealed that the country may suffer again for the forth wave of Covid-19 pandemic which is being foreseen to come by July.

Reports shows that the pandemic is taking place in an interval of three months and therefore, this might happen in July thus, affecting learning activities in the country.

Now that the ministry of health is aware of what might happen in two months to come, it should ensure that all possible measures are put in place in preparation to curb this forth wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

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