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Primary Education


Identical Twins Who Won't Be Separated As They Join Form One.

Identical twins Immaculate and Grace Kahiga each scored 402 marks in the 2020 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations.

The two, known as “Queens of Mathematics”, have been admitted to Maryhill Girls High School in Thika despite having chosen different institutions. Grace had chosen Maryhill while Immaculate chose Pangani Girls in Nairobi, but providence, perhaps, saw them gain admission to the same school.

The news came as a pleasant surprise to the family in Kitengela, Kajiado County. With similar interests and aspirations, being called to the same institutions will help the twins continue with a bond they have enjoyed since birth.

The easygoing teens with a ready smile have never been apart, donning similar outfits and enjoying similar pastimes.

“There was a time they were separated by their teachers while in Class Seven and, shockingly, they fell ill at the same time... the teachers had to quickly reunite them and the recovery was remarkable,” said their mother, Ms Marion Njoki.

Admitted to the high performing Gilgil Hills Academy for primary school, it was a see-saw battle between the pair as they beat one another in internal exams but maintaining a constant above-400 mark.

Scored similar marks

“She used to either beat me or vice versa,” said Immaculate.

What baffled the teachers was their composition and insha (Swahili composition) writing skills.

“They used to write similar headlines and analogous wordings. To the teachers, it was shocking,” added their mother.

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