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CBC Implementation and its Challenges

The government of the Republic of Kenya had in good faith thought that changing the current 8-4-4 system could help it realize its dream of providing education to all, and hugging you the specialization .type of education to help implementing the agenda of manufacturing within Kenya as put in the Jubilee 2017 manifesto.

Kenya is in the process of shifting from content-based to competency-based system of education, with an aim of aligning basic education with children’s career interests, aptitudes, and abilities. Going by the experiences of other countries, notably Tanzania, which implemented CBC before Kenya, the process of introducing the new curriculum is expected to pose a range of challenges.

However much the government is trying via the responsible ministry, it is yet to pick up to its climax though posing some dangerous challenges.

The intentions of the day's government were very honest, clear and everybody would cherish the desires that our leadership had. It is to some extent going ti be successful, but it will with careful discharge of monitoring.

In a very practical way, nobody among our children who would go through school would be found jobless because everybody ould have learnt some life skills that leads them to employ themselves and not to wait for the white collar jobs.

This is very clearly seen in the picture above and below, where our children are led by their teachers to practically do some assignments like cleaning the environment, using home made materials to learn.

As we all understand from president Kenyatta's desire, CBC was to be developed to encompass practicality of whatever that our kids learnt in class room. This would impart the spirit of hard working and self-reliance in future after school.

The new CBC is designed to ensure that it has opened opportunities point out specific learner skills and abilities in school. This will help the teachers to nurture such skills through specially.designed pathways and the ministry provided tracks.

There is a growing concern by all stakeholders in the country and even from those foreign partners over the delayed implementation of the new curriculum.

On the other hand, CBC implementation should be given time to pick since it has a variety of parameters to be met before it's fully put in place. For instance, it is just needs enough number of teachers to be trained, more investments in schools in terms of infrastructure, presence of digital-based learning resources and construction of enough classrooms.

There are so many challenges, among which includes the following and I am urging the government via the Ministry of education to take note and adjust accordingly:

1. Lack of enough trained teachers - there are at least two teachers in every school across the 47 counties that are conversant with what the new curriculum is all about. These were trained long ago when CBC was unveiled and so far are moving with their classes, leaving no one for the next class.

2. Lack of adequately equipped classrooms - the current trend in classrooms is worrying since the government wants education for all. Classrooms are overcrowded, the seats aren't enough for the kids. The rooms are not big enough to accommodate the surging numbers of those newly admitted kids.

3. Unavailability of resources for digital - based learning. The then tablets and laptops promised by the government are very scarce, in fact almost one in every school that I know of.

4. There is lack of teaching and learning materials for both teachers and the learners. It is little known that the government through the Ministry of education should provide monies for the purchase of chalks, textbooks, pens, exercise books and others. These little things can end up being not in a school.

5. Lack of readiness for learner-centred approach of teaching by the pupils themselves. The kids are not ready for what is being introduced in school for them.

6. Finally, most teachers are not prepared to go for the CBC trainings and seminars. Some have even gone as far as developing negative attitudes towards the system.

Therefore, the government should try as much as possible to address these challenges by doing the following to see successful implementation of CBC;

a) Send funds to enable school heads to build more classes to accommodate more learners.

b) Provide avenues for more teachers to be trained for readiness of effective implementation of the curriculum.

c) Ensuring that enough resources for digital - based learning are availed in all schools across the country.

By doing these, there will always be smooth rollout, and every stakeholder will be comfortable with the outcome. Then we will all see 100% success in the new education system.

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