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Physical Learning Should be Suspended Immediately, Parents Should Prepare for These expenses

The rising cases of covid-19 in Kenya over the past few weeks is what prompted the president to take an executive order of imposing lockdown to some counties and also implementing tough curfew rules. However, much still needs to be done to curb the spread of this deadly pandemic.

Physical learning in schools is among what should be subject to changes. Countries such as South Africa who are experiencing a surge in covid-19 cases have already implemented online learning and Kenya should adopt it. This technology will assist the learners from too much physical interaction as they will access their learning at home.

All parents may therefore be urged to rapidly conceptualize this new norm and accept it. They should also cooperate with the government in providing the necessary equipments such as laptops or smartphones which are acquitted with the internet connection. The government may ensure that electricity connection and network coverage is available at every part of the country.

Generally, the estimated expense that individual parent should prepaire to incur if this should be considered an option in few weeks time is as follows;Laptop goes for not less than 400 US dollars and a cellphone is averaging to about 100 US dollars.

This implies that suppose a family has 4 kids and they prefer to acquire laptops for their kids then they shall incur around 1600 US dollars and if they prefer smartphones, they shall incur about 400 US dollars.

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