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Opinion: Top 10 Secondary Schools In Kenya That Are Rocking With Beautiful School Buses

Education is the Key to success because Knowledge is power and we have got many educated people here in Kenya and across the world who are living luxurious lifestyle because of their education, these include doctors, pilots, engineers among others.

The government of Kenya through the ministry of education is ensuring that every parent takes his or her child to school and failure to do that the government is going to take strict measures upon them.

Kenya has got many schools that include both primary and secondary and some of them have ventured alot in terms of infrastructure development and posses beautiful buildings, good transport systems that involve beautiful and expensive school buses. Today let's discuss various Secondary school in Kenya that posses beautiful buses.

Maranda High School

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Maranda High school is a national boarding school in Kenya having been upgraded from the provincial status because of performing well in the national exam.

This school is among the best performing Secondary schools in Kenya interms of KCSE performance. It also been ranked among the top schools in Kenya that has ventured in infrastructure with beautiful bus.

Machakos School

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Machakos school is a boys boarding Secondary school located in Machakos county. It's a center of excellence and many Students excel well during Nation KCSE exams. The school also posses a beautiful Scania bus fitted with good interior consisting of air conditioning and beautiful sits.

Makueni Boys High School

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Makueni Boys High school is a national boys boarding school situated along Wote Kathozweni Makindu road Makueni county. Its ranked among the best performing schools not only in Makueni county but also across different counties here in Kenya.

The school also leads among the top schools in Kenya that posses beautiful, luxurious Scania bus that commonly used by students during various occasions.

Nairobi School

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Nairobi school is an outstanding boys National school located in Nairobi Kenya. This school is a center of excellence and yearly achieves best results during KCSE National exams. It was founded in 1902 by the British settlers who had made Nairobi their home After the construction of Nairobi Uganda highway.

The school also has achieve more interms of infrastructure and has got a beautiful Scania bus.

St Peter's Mumias High school

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St Peter's Mumias is a national boys boarding school located in Kakamenga county. This school is both academic giant and also excels well in Co- Curriculum activities like football and rugby. It also posses beautiful, luxurious bus that commonly used by students during various occasions.

Thanks for reading and also don't forget to mention your school or other schools that you know possessing beautiful buses.

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