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Why Parents Should Emphasize On The Following To Their Learners Especially In The Expect Half Term

The first term from the education calendar for the year 2021 started on 26th of July where all the secondary and primary learners resumed back to school to start the academic year.

The first term which is expected to end on 1st of October 2021 is on its half way calling for the teachers across the country to release the learners for their usual half-term break before crowning the first term.

The half term which is expected to start on 26th of August should serve as a good opportunity for all parents who have their kids in these different schools to offer a home guidance to their children.

In the field of education, it's all about prosperity and this can only be achieved by the hardworking learners, learners who are of their own and those who are capable of overcoming the daily challenges within the environmental setting.

The learners in school should be able to withstand the attempt of peer pressure which generally can lead to depression and finally drop out.

During this short holiday where learners will be allowed chances to reunited with their parents and relatives for 3 days, should be of the parental advantage to offer the above guidelines to their children.

This will automatically lead to a positive change among these learners and at the end can give a good performance.

In an opinion, parents should ensure they spend some times with the expected kids for guidance and advices

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