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Male Student Dies after Sneaking into Girls' School Dormitory

Sneaking is one of the most problems that schools are trying hard to avoid. It has cause many harm to srudents and most of them who sneak out end up doing bad things and as a result things like pregnancy, drug addiction, dropping out of school and suspensions emerge.

A 17 year old male student from Gathiruini Boys’ High School has been lynched after sneaking into a girls' secondary school with five of his friends. The deceased and his friends from the Githunguri-based secondary school in Kiambu county sneaked into Komothai Girls High School on the night of Wednesday, October 20.

According to The Standard, as soon as the girls saw the boys in their domitory, they started screaming loudly and they attracted the attention of the security guards. The security guards reacted quickly to the call of help.

The boy was caught and five others managed to escape from the girls school. The watchmen acted on him seriously with blows and kicks. He was then rushed to Kigumo level four hospital while uncouncious but he died as soon as they were at the hospital. It is very sad for a parent to hear that his child whom he thought was schooling but instead was found sneaking into girls domitory and was beaten to death.

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Gathiruini Githunguri-based Kigumo The Standard


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