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Irate Parents Storm School, Slaughter 2 Bulls And Share The Meat After Overpowering Area Chief

Chaos erupted yesterday in a school in Meru after parents gained access to a school and did the unthinkable.

Citing misappropriation of school funds, the irate parents stormed Meru school with all manner of cutting blades machetes, knives axes etc

On account of the daily nation, they had been made to pay each a sum of 1500 through the PTA. This was meant to cater for the school expenditures only to realise the school principal was busy auctioneering the school property.

The parents claimed that the said principal had already sold the school's trees, bulls and pigs.

More so,all the foodstuffs left behind when the schools were closed due to the ongoing pandemic was mysteriously missing from the stores .

The aforementioned factors clearly angered the parents who stormed the school after overpowering the area chief and slaughtered the remaining two bulls.

They divided the meat among themselves in equal portions and sold the school's cart to one of the parents at ksh 10,000 later splitting the money

Do you think the parent's actions were justified.

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