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Secondary Education


Top 12 Best Secondary Schools in Nyanza Province

Nyanza, among the eight region of kenya is a host for many best performing high schools . Its composed of six counties namely, Homabay ,Kisii ,Kisumu ,Nyamira ,Migori together with Siaya county . Both the gender schools and mixed schools have been doing exemplary well in the national examination competition . Some even have gone to an extend outside the country . The schools have produced alumni who are great leaders in the country . Weather you have completed your Knec exams, or you just want to know the best Schools in Nyanza Kenya. Here are some of the schools in nyanza region:

Best boys’ high school in nyanza region .

Maranda high school .

This is one of the gorgeous schools in the nyanza region . Stepping inside this great historical school is like halfway to the university . The school has hold a record in terms of national examination. This has been facilitated by presence of good facilities for learning . One who is given a chance to get in this great school has no chance of regretting in future .

Best high schools in Nyanza Kenya, image showing <a class=Maranda high school wonderful entrance." height="355" width="720"/>

Maseno School

This is another wonderful high school in Nyanza region, located in Kisumu county. Maseno School has been an academic giant over the years not only in Nyanza but also nationwide. Maseno School is one of the oldest national Schools in Kenya. As a top national school, expect adequate learning resources, and infrastructure. It deserves to be in this list of 12+ best high schools in Nyanza region to learn.

Maseno School Adequate learning resources.

Kanga high school .

It is one of the schools renowned for nurturing talent . The school provides a maximum support to student who have talent in the co- curriculum activities . In terms of the academics, the school also has good structure that are good for learning . Presence of fully installed laboratory for any experiment . Facilities for learning are also sufficient hence learning progress is smoothly going on .

Best high schools in Nyanza Kenya. Image showing Kanga high school great students with teachers.

Orero boys high school.

This is one of the school which has hit the target in terms of performance. The school provides a conducive learning environment that enhances reading . In 2018, they made it to the top ten list nationally in the national examination . Also in the co- curriculum activities they made it out to the national competition in handball . The school is an extra county but still manage to bring out a stiff competition with the giant school.

Best high schools in Nyanza Kenya. Image showing Orero boys facilities.

Kisii high school .

Kisii high school is one of the ancient schools in Keny. Up to now, this school still maintains the top position . This school holds a title of being a national school in kisii county. The school has fully equipped laboratories that are suitable for all experiment . Likely they are not left behind in co-curriculum activities outside classwork.

Best high schools in Nyanza. Image showing kisii high school environment.

Mbita high school .

A national school locatated in Homabay county . The school has good and well equipped laboratory that is good for experiment. Once you get inside this school you have the highest probability for fulfilling your dream . You will achieve greatness in this school, provided you’ll work hard. In terms of the co curriculum activities they are not left behind. They give out good outcome .

Best high schools in Nyanza Kenya. Image showing Mbita high school learning environment.

Agoro Sare high school

Among the awesome schools in the 8-4-4 system. Agoro Sare is an extra county school in Nyanza region. This is one of the school that compete to be among the top in nyanza region . The school provide a good learning environment for the students . Agoro Sare has set a record of producing best grades .

Agoro Sare facilities.

Best girls school in nyanza region .

Asumbi girls high school .

This is one of the gorgeous school in the nyanza region . The school hold a title of being a national school in Homabay county . In terms of performance , they always do the best . Sometimes even leading in the county . The chances of making to University are higher once given an opportunity to join this school . It has good infrastructure that enhances learning . Also they are giving good outcome in terms of the co curriculum activities .

Asumbi girls lovely environment.

Rang’ala girls school

Amidst the 12+ best high schools in the nyanza region, then this is one of them . The school has given out an excellent performance in the academics . It has complete laboratory that can handle any experiment for students . The school also gives out an exemplary result in the sporting activities. They are capable of reaching higher levels in games and sports activities.

Best high schools in Nyanza region. Image showing rang'ala girls beautiful gate.

Kisumu girls high school

This is also a great girls school in Nyanza region. This school has been posting good results over the years. Additionally, Kisumu girls has good learning resources. You will be able to access great library materials, laboratories, and more. It’s a wonderful school that deserves to be in this list.

Best girls high schools in Nyanza Kenya. Image showing Kisumu girls wonderful environment.

Sironga girls high school .

Making it towards the latter so as to reach the next level this is one of the school that one should admire . Starting from the building ,they are fully loaded with learning materials . The school also manage to compete with other giant school for the top position . They do well in academics . The school has not left the co- curriculum activities whereby do well also . This is a dream come through school .

Best high schools in Nyanza Kenya. Image showing sironga girls wonderful environment.

Nyabururu girls high school .

Among the improving schools in terms of the national exams, this is one of the recently that have been recorded in the history of National exams for secondary education. For the past few years the school has been improving gradually in the national exam . This school now has brought out a stiff competition to other giant school . This is a dream fulfilling school . Thus they have all proved that Nyanza is not left behind in the education sector .

Nyakach girls high school .

The school is among the extra county that compete for the top position in the region . They have also made it in sporting activities. In football ,they have made it up to the East Africa competition. The school has good buildings that initiate the cognitive process . You can achieve anything in this great School.

Nyakach girls good buildings.

St Mary’s Lwak girls high school

This is a school of it’s own standard. In fact making it to this school is not a joke since it has high standards . The school has edifice that are equipped with learning material which enhance smooth learning . The school also do well In terms of the Kenya National Exam . We had to include it in this list of 12+ best high schools in Nyanza region.

Best high schools in Nyanza Kenya. Image showing st Mary's Lwak girls lovely gate.

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