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Deadline For Uploading Grade Four National Assessment Results

Since the government together with the ministry of education implemented the new curriculum;CBC in primary schools, learners have been doing national assessments several times. For example,the learners who are currently in grade four sat for their first national assessment while they were in grade three. This assessment promoted them to the next level; grade four.

Therefore, according to the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), CBC Learners shall be doing their first national assessments in grade three as they graduate to grade four. Grade three learners have completed their assessment which the deadline to applied the results is today.

Well,the learners who are in grade four are expected to join grade five in the month of July according to the new school calendar. Therefore, this being their third and the last term in grade four,they are supposed to sit for a national assessment. This assessment is scheduled to begin on Monday 8th March.

According to KNEC, schools are expected to to download and administer assessment tools,score sheets and upload assessment scores on the KNEC Competency Based Assessment portal between 8th and 19th March 2021. This means past 19th March the website shall be locked and therefore no more uploading shall be done.

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