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Opinion: The Complicated Aspect As To Why School Don't Teach About Money Especially Before Completing O-level

Our education system doesn't literary teach us anything about money. The system is tailored to equip us with knowledge and perhaps skills that is paramount for our survival.

Growing up as a Primary and secondary student I have never been directly tought anything about money and its secrets. I here the resounding voice of my Principal heading my secondary school saying "Work hard, get a good job and live the lifestyle that is good". She insisted on these words but she never tought us the plan B side of it. The only precaution she gave is that if we fail in school then we will never be successful in life. In short she meant that everything in life is education and education is the Key.

In my few years that I have been on this planet earth nearly half a century I have noted that sometimes success is the opposite of what the society tells and insists on you. For insistence you find a primary or secondary school drop out becoming successful. The Implication is that he/she found success on the opposite of what the society made mandatory to us. 

Back to the topic why money is never tought especially before the end of "O-level" these are the reasons:

Irrelevancy Factor

If the education system would have allowed money to be tought then it would imply the the teachers and principals would become irrelevant and lack jobs. The enlightment brought about by money education would give a distortion to the clear utmost good faith and roles of the teachers, head masters and principals. 

Rebelion and Empowerment Factors

Teaching about money will empower the youth towards outrightly rebeling and acting contrary to the educational system. It is a recipe for chaos. Do you remember the cases of schools burning in Kenya this would worsen due to the conflict of interest aspect involved as most or few student will find the real education inappropriate. Money comes before anything so it means that you as a student will question yourself this, "Why should I continue spending most of your years in school while I know or already have the knowledge about money and it's secrets?"

Maturity Factor

Most persons bellow the age of 18 years that is the class of people who happens not to have ended their "O-level" of educations are immature. They are not mature at making rational and logical decisions. In short their psychology can't properly digest the aspect of knowing about money since it's too complicated.

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