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Diploma Courses That Are Better Than Some Degrees

Diploma in Clinical Medicine

A diploma in clinical medicine is one of best and most marketable diploma programs that one can enroll in the field of medicine. KMTC is well known for the best diploma programs in Clinical medicine. Clinical medicine still remains in high demand due to shortage of clinical officers in our public hospitals.

Diploma in Information Technology

With the ongoing technological advancement in Kenya and world at large, the demand for IT experts continues to raise. Aspiring learners can enroll to this course with a C or C- in various institutions of higher learning across the country.

Diploma in Nursing

Nursing still remains one of the most marketable courses not only in Kenya but across the World. The ever increasing demand for nurses is mainly attributed to the current shortage of nurses in public hospitals. For the aspiring students who would like to take this career, Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) is the most recommendable.

Diploma in Quantity Survey

Quantity Survey is currently the most marketable course that has not yet flooded by people. The high demand for this course is attributed to vastly growing real estate industry in Kenya. You can persue a diploma in quantity survey with just a C or C-.

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