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CBC Is a Good Idea Whose Time Has Not Come

One of the most hyped and anticipated agenda of the outgoing regime of President Uhuru Kenyatta is the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) which is tipped to replace the evergreen 8-4-4 system that was pioneered by the late former president Daniel Moi. Rather than the paper ability exhibited by the existing system, CBC focuses on the creativity and talent oriented programme which is more learner involving. Parents have also been called on board to participate in the education of their children through practical assignments issued in schools.

So far, the implementation of the CBC has had a realistic share of applause and criticism in almost equal measure. The plaudits view it as a progress that moves the Kenyan children from paper work to more practicals which invoke the spirit of creativity in the learners. Critics on their side claim that the new system is expensive and only applicable in countries that are economically stable with proper infrastructure in schools.

All said and done, CBC is here with us and with the changing trends in the world, it's implementation is inevitable. In so doing, the government ought to weigh the gaps existing that may halt its full application in all levels of education. Infrastructure in all schools must be boosted and fully equipped with modern equipment especially when it comes to science subjects learned in both the imminent lower and upper secondary school levels. Other co- curricular activity facilities like playing grounds must also be upgraded.

On the side of instructors and teachers, proper training must be advocated for. The students joining universities and colleges for Education Courses must now be trained on the new curriculum rather than learning the old curriculum only to be forced to rejoin other universities for refresher courses after employment.

In conclusion, the government should adequately prepare to fund such a programme so it doesn't collapse before full implementation. In so doing, public schools funding should increase by more than double the current figures to cater for the gaps that may emerge in the process of CBC implementation.

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