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Entry Requirements For KMTC And Why I Would Recommend A Student Who Got Above C+ To Join

With the KCSE results having been released about a week ago, many students are currently in the process of looking for good institutions where they can further their studies. And in order to do this , sometimes they need the guidance. I have here what is required of you in order to join Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC).

The entry requirements are;

In order to pursue a certificate course that is being offered in the institution, you must have attained a minimum of C-. You must also have specific qualifications in the cluster subjects. Cluster subjects are the combinations that allow you to enroll for that course. Like in medical related, biology, Chemistry and Mathematics are a necessity.

With Diploma courses you should have a minimum grade of C plain and also put the cluster subjects in consideration. Also one can always upgrade their courses, lets say from Certificate to diploma or from diploma to higher diploma. In doing this , the guidelines above are still put into consideration.

In a nutshell, (Overally)


You need a minimum aggregate of C-. Appropriate relevant combination of other subjects should be considered. That is the science subjects and mathematics. The duration is 2 years although there is an exception with nursing which takes 2 and a half years.


You need a KCSE minimum of C plain or higher. Also consider the combination of subjects, that is Kiswahili, Biology, English, Chemistry. The duration here is3 years, the only exception being community health nursing which goes for 3 and a half.

These are for those who are just beginning. For those upgrading, you should be a holder of certificate in the relevant fields and at least have a two years working experience. Then duration is 2 years except for the Community Health Nursing which goes for 18 months.

Those who want Higher Diploma, they should be holders of basic diploma in the relevant fields and also have a two years working experience. Duration is one year. Short courses take two weeks to three months.

I feel KMTC is a good institution to pursue medical courses even for someone who attained the pass grade of C+ and above. This is because most KMTC’s are located next to hospitals and therefore most students do their practical in the hospitals, plus they always interact with patients and by the time one is done with learning at KMTC, they already have a lot of insight into what is done in the hospitals. This is different from those who learn in the major universities.

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