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Most marketable short courses in Kenya in 2021

You’re just about to discover the most marketable certificate courses in Kenya these days and where you can study them (for some).

Short-term courses can be beneficial in many ways:

1. They make your CV appealing to high-value employers.

2. You might start a well-paying side hustle with the knowledge you gain from the course.

3. It could be a bridge to your new career if you’re feeling trapped in a less-than-thrilling occupation.

4. It could greatly boost your chances of earning a job promotion or a salary hike.

5. It exposes you to 21st skills that make you more competent at what you do leading to improved job security.

Languages courses in Kenya

Being multilingual can unlock new doors for you in self-employment or formal employment.

You could work as a translator, language tutor, transcriber, and more if you build impeccable reading and writing skills in English, French, German, Chinese, and other international languages.

Mobile apps development course

Take this course if you have a solid foundation in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

You may soon be soaring high as an expert programmer selling your skills to companies like Google, Apple, Safaricom etc.

You can take this short course at colleges like ADMI (Africa Digital Media Institute) and Moringa in Nairobi.

Electronics Repair Course

Electronics repair is another potentially profitable course for those business-minded.

Cyber security course

This is one of the most marketable short courses in Kenya and also one of the best paying certificate courses in Kenya.

The catch is that this course isn’t for everyone- it will only be helpful if you have at least a Diploma in ICT/Computer science from a recognized institution.

Videography course

Video production remains a marketable skill for those with interest in video shooting and editing.

Nowadays the course is much advanced and tackles professional skills in cinematography (camera work), sound operation, animation and even graphics.

Agricultural value addition courses

This is an outstanding course for those who have an entrepreneurial mind.

You learn how to make fast-moving goods such as Yoghurt, Peanut Butter, Strawberry Powder/Jam, Juice Pulps, Banana Crisps, etc.

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