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Do You Know The Man Who Invented Exams? See His Name And Main Reasons To Invent Exams

In this article today, we will check a man who invented exams. In most cases, students feel so frustrated by exams and most of them wish to know the origin of the exams which gives them hard times.

Henry Fischel was the man and the first man who invented exams. He was a professor at Indiana University back in 19's century. The First Imperial examination was conducted in China.

China was the first country to implement a nationwide standardized test which had an ancient of China called the imperial examination. It's was meant to select able candidates for specific governmental positions. This system was abolished by the Sui Dynasty 1300 years later in 1905 but England adopted the education system in 1806 for Her Majesty's Civil Services.

The main reason for Henry Fischel to invent exams was, he always thought that students student studies a whole year, the next year and passed to another class. so he had nothing to prove whether his students were studying properly or not. So that is the main reason why he concluded to create exams to test students.

So the main reason why he invented exams were

1. To indicate how much a person learnt

2. To make learning a whole and lot of things in a single nights

3. to test the ability of the students.

Concept of exams

His philosophy was based on an examination of two modes of phenomena. Is basic idea was that a person should examine things such as events before running to a conclusion.

Exams are hard times for any student, either primary student, secondary student or university student. No student who likes exams, do you think was a good idea for Henry Fischel to invent exams? What do you think if Henry did not invent exams?

Feel free to leave your opinion below. Thank you


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