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Primary Education


MoE Releases Updated Circular on Disbursement of FPE, Directs Heads of Schools

The government of Kenya through the ministry of education has released a circular to show the amount of money each pupil will get to cater for the Free primary education.

In a circular that has been sent to the regional directors,county and subcounty directors. The government says it has released sh.82.50 per child for Account 1 which has been deposited into respective schools account. The utilization of the money will be used strictly for textbooks, exercise, reference materials, stationery and assessment and examination for the account 1.

The government has further disbursed sh.172.25 per child into school Account 2.It will be strictly used for support staff wages, renovation of classroom, activities,local transport and traveling ,ICT infrastructure, contingencies, environment and sanitation, science and applied technology and capacity building and meetings.

The ministry has sent a strong warning to the heads who are charging parents extra fee inform of remedials and other levy.

Heads are also expected to upload the photos of the learners as per their information into the NEMIS account before the month ends.

Kenyans have reacted differently in the government program to support free primary education.

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