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Parents and Students Should Prepare for this Once School Reopen on 10th May (Opinion)

During the labor day celebrations that were held yesterday at state house, the president of Kenya H.E Uhuru kenyatta cleared any doubts over third term reopening of schools. According to the head of state, the country had made a tremendous achievements in the fight against the corona virus.

However, as schools resume, parents and learners must be psychologically set in order to handle a sequence of events that shall take place effective reopening date. First, parents must ensure full fee payment before schools reopen since students vote caters for food and local expenditures.

owing to the fact that many parents didn't pay for their children in second term, many schools are faced with huge debts from the suppliers. Consequently , parents should prepare to see their children home one or two days after reopening.

Being the last term for the academic calendar, students especially those in form two will be expected to make choice of subjects that they shall proceed with to the upper classes. During selection each student shall be expected to chose two languages, mathematics, at least two sciences, at least one technical subject and at least one humanity subject. Parents and guardians are therefore advised to help their children in making sound decisions .

which was your worst decision when your were selecting your subjects back in high school? Send us your views.

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H.E Kenya Uhuru kenyatta


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