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Helb News Making Headline This Wednesday

Most of University and college students rely on Higher Education Learning Board (HELB) to facilitate their learning. This helps them to fund the remaining amount of fees after the government pays for the sponsorship fees. This actually boosts greatly learning of a huge number of Learners in our schools.

Well, after students get HELB during their schooling period,they are expected to start paying it one after their graduation ceremony. This help this board to compensate for the money and be able to support the continuing students. Failure for one to start paying in time, one is fined through paying extra money apart from what he/she was supposed to pay.

Nevertheless, not all graduates are able to pay for their helb loans on time. The CEO Ringera has said that 85,000 Kenyans have not settled their loan amount to Sh 9.5b. CEO Ringera has called for defaulters to pay. This will enable the Board to continue funding our learners without much challenges.

Content created and supplied by: Phalomafideh (via Opera News )

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