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Sad News: Two Popular High Schools On Fire, See Details

Kenya has always been witnessing unrests in many schools which have always ended in loses. In most situations, most schools have always been torched as a result of those unrests. In most cases, teachers always point fingers at students and condemn them for such mischievous acts. But the main question is how such cases can be handled amicably because at the end of the day, parents are the ones carrying the cross.

Two popular national schools were on fire with doms burning down. As reported by, Ofafa Jericho High School in Nairobi County and the Sigalame Boys High School in Busia County have been on fire. According to reports, no injuries or loss of lives have been reported. It was reported that rescue missions were underway in both schools. It was also reported that Nairobi Metropolitan Services and fire department had contained the situation in Ofafa Jericho High School. About 50 students in Ofafa Jericho High School have been taken to hospital for inhaling the smoke but are in good condition. Police have launched investigation.

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