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How Lowly Paid And Overworked Teachers Will Force TSC To Invest In Their Mental Health

TSC CEO Nancy macharia

Schools today opened doors to students and teachers marking the beginning of 2021/2022 academic year.

The year will have only 30 weeks down from 39 and what is to be covered must be covered within this time to allow candidates sit for their exams in march next year.

This therefore means that teachers have to sacrifice alot to cover the syllabus and spare some time for revision for better results.

Besides that, teachers will have to grapple with the disappointment of the aborted CBA 2021/2025 whereby they were expecting some salary Increment to Cushing them against provident fund deductions and inflation.

The net effect of this will be mental health issues which may manifest in overdrinking of alcohol and other unhealthy compulsive behaviors.

Way forward.

1 The teachers service commission should be proactive in working with Principals with a view to establishing suitable support systems in schools and subcounty headquarters to serve teachers.

The support system should involve equipping the guidance and counseling departments to not only handle learners' issues but also teachers with difficult cases being referred to professional counsellors.

2 TSC and Principals should not just punish teachers who are hooked into drug abuse but assist in rehabilitating them by Admitting them to rehab centers on special Leaves.

3 In cases where there is too much work and few teachers, Principals and headteachers should consider hiring BOM teachers to offer the much needed support.

4 The absence of sports activities may impact negatively on learners as they lack avenues of expending the excess energy.

Teachers should design the programs such that PE Lessons are taken seriously where learners engage in physical excercises.

What are your views on this? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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