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The growth of education sector in kenya

Education has really improved from the colonial era to post colonial era,different systems of education proposed by different education committee adopted.

Education has expanded greatly. The great expansion has given so many children in Kenya an opportunity to learn. We have so many learned people in the 21st century as compared to before.

As education grows,it has brought about negatives and positives today. On the positive side, many people have been able to get relevant skills and knowledge that has enabled them to get employment thus earning a living. Some have used the skills and knowledge they acquire in school to create jobs I.e self employment.

We get to enrich ourselves with information about the world. We get to know how to live with one another. We are able to understand our surrounding and what is required of us.

However due to high number of learned people today unemployment has become more. We have few chances more job seekers.

Although this is not only brought by growth of education but its one cause of unemployment. Unemployment has resulted in various negative activities. Many young people have engaged in criminal activities such as robbery,cyber crimes. To earn a living many choose to engage in social vices e.g prostitution.,bribery e.t.c.

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