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On School Opening Dates: Bad News To Students, Parents and Teacher As Religious Leaders Claim This

Everyone in the country is expecting the schools to open from next week and education to proceed normally as the Ministry of Education led by George Magoha had earlier directed.

Education is so precious in life and it has become one of the basic needs to each child in Kenya and the world at large.

If your child does not get basic education in Kenya, you as a parent should blame yourself for impacting negatively on the life of your child.

Schools opening next week has allegedly received some challenges as some religious leaders have explained how some counties may not be ready to receive students back to schools due to one or another reason. The reasons may not be so substantial but they cannot be ignored.

One such counties where religious leaders have raised concern over schools reopening in next week is Kakamega County.

The religious leaders have complained that there are no enough vaccines to cater for teachers who are supposed to receive the vaccines as they are among the frontline workers.

Teachers will come in conduct with students and and are in danger of acquiring the virus.

Due to this reason, the religious leaders believe that the scarcity of this important weapon in the fight against Covid-19 in Kakamega and many other parts of Kenya may affect the resumption of students to various schools in Kenya.

This can be a setback to education if the government considers this as one of the reasons to postpone the dates of school reopening in Kenya.

What are your views? Do you think the government should consider the lack of adequate vaccines to immunize all teachers and students as a drawback to school opening?

Should the government deter school opening till the Covid-19 vaccines arrive or should the government go on and open schools next week as planned?

Do you believe safety of students and teachers is more important than the education itself? Please share your thoughts and please tap up there on the follow button to follow us. Thank you.

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