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'' Don't Attempt to Cheat'' CS Machogu Issues a Tough Message to KCPE, KPSEA Candidates

Candidates for the KCPE and KPSEA who are starting their exams today have been cautioned by CS Education Ezekiel Machogu not to cheat. The integrity of the tests will not be harmed, according to the Cabinet Secretary, because anyone found cheating will face severe penalties.

Since the exams determine the course of the students' lives, CS Machogu wants them to be reliable and professional. The Cabinet Secretary understands that those who are caught encouraging exam cheating will be prosecuted because it is unacceptable.

CS Machogu is committed to making sure that students in school have the opportunity to demonstrate their aptitude and capacity. It is true that examination-related difficulties are crucial because they determine which students go to the next level.

It is anticipated that the government will employ every tool at its disposal to prevent cheating in schools. However, as CBC's implementation and effectiveness begin today, Kenyans are awaiting news of its success.

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