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Career Guidance And Counseling For The Students Joining University

Our students who excelled well in their KCSE need good guidance and counseling when it comes to the selection of the courses they should take when they join the university. The Ministry of Education has put it clear that career guidance and counseling should be part of the Guidance and Counseling support services provided to students.

In today's world, one has to recognize several global emerging issues that have a great impact on our career choices today. Learners and teachers involved in the process of career guidance and counseling ought to be aware of these global emerging issues. They include

1) Life skills

This is also known as the generic skills in the world of work. They greatly influence employability and one chance to succeed in self-employment. Such skills have to be inculcated in students from an early age.

2) Community Involvement and Volunteerism

Students have to incorporate the concept of community involvement and volunteerism. They should be able to initiate, plan and implement relevant activities within their communities. Through this, students will be allowed to experience the world of work in various fields.

3) Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT today has reduced the whole world into a global village whereby anyone can access any part of the world at any time from anywhere. One may wonder how fast this technology is spreading but that is where the world is today. Technology practically touches almost all areas of life including Health, Agriculture, Engineering, Education, and Fashion.

4) Equity

All the students should be made aware of that which prevents equal access to career opportunities. All learners therefore should be involved in career guidance irrespective of age, race, gender, religion, and social-economic status. Each should be allowed to pursue all available careers according to the ability they have.

5) Environmental Consciousness

All student should be encouraged to appreciate the value of environmental care, protection, and its conservation through the inculcation of the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes to them.

Other skills that the student should be aware of are Entrepreneurship, Employability, Work Ethics, and Life-Long Education. This should go hand in hand with the career guidance and counseling greatly help the student to leed a bright future.

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