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Wednesday: TSC's Verdict Now Leaves Teachers to Scrambe For Administrative Positions By All Means

Teachers across the country got dissapointed in July when their much anticipated new salaries bounced because the SRC stated otherwise.They had been warming up for these new salaries for months.The Commission cited the rippling effects of Covid-19 pandemic in the country that has greatly interfered with the economy.

When the teachers unions engaged the Commission for a CBA negotiation,the teachers were further angered by the decision to omit the key salary component.Further,last month's salaries were abnormal.The teachers found themselves forcefully being deducted the urgency fees.This greatly interfered with the slips of some teachers in terms of loaning abilities.

Today,the teachers have woken to another setback from the employer.The commission has said that teachers will now have to wait longer for their new salaries.Recently,the Commission stated that it will begin a new negotiation with the unions within one year.Will the commission stick to its promise to the unions?This news is in deed a demoralising factor for majority of the lower cadre teachers.

As the teachers continue nursing their disappointments,they are now left with only one option to get better salaries.The newly advertised promotions are the only source of hope for many of them.This now means that the race to getting promotions will be by all means for the teachers.They will not leave any opportunity to go as it is the only hope.This will be meant to compensate the lost CBA.The Commission should from now expect overwhelming applications for teachers who want administrative positions.

The views above are personal opinions,the writer is an Educationist.

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