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Mistakes Teachers Should Avoid That Might Cost Their Career


Indulging in illegal drugs

Teachers should stay away if possible from illicit or prohibited drugs.These drugs include bhang,heroine and cocaine. This is because if they are caught trafficking the drugs and selling to students,thats the end of their teaching because they might be jailed or their employment term terminated due to such misconduct.


Failure to pay taken loans

Taking loans and misusing them is one big challenge with teachers.This is mostly when the money they borrow from banks they use in buying luxury items like vehicles without minding the cost of maintenance. This might cost them when every now and them the loaners start chasing them for repayment and many run into hiding.That means,practising their career will be a great problem.

Engaging in relationship with students

Having love affairs with school children is illegal according to Kenyan constitution. That means,if a trainer is found guilt and more so if a child has been impregnated ,then the teacher is sentenced and that marks the termination of his teaching career.

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