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Why Diploma Holders are More Successful than Degree Holders in Kenya

According to new research, university graduates are twice as likely to be jobless than diploma holders, which could influence parents' and their children's future choices.

Only 13% of graduates from community colleges and junior colleges were unemployed, compared to 26% of university graduates. According to a government report, technical talents are more marketable. Adults without a high school diploma were the least productive. More than 44% of the population over the age of five does not have a job.


The cost of a degree is more than the cost of a diploma. When I was going through some job applications, I noticed that none of the diploma holders sought for more than Ksh50,000. Degree holders demanded more than Ksh50,000 for the same job, despite doing equal activities. Clearly, the employer chose a certificate holder because they were less expensive.


University graduates are so egotistical that they refuse to work in any field other than what they studied in college. Someone wants a monthly salary of Ksh200,000 despite having no professional experience and no degree. This kind of hubris has led to a lackluster performance in real life.

Diploma holders are not picky.

Because a diploma holder is aware that their education is limited, they will take any opportunity that comes their way. What about degree holders, particularly master's degree holders? All they need is a well-paying job where they can sit at a table and command others to work.

Technical abilities

Diploma recipients mostly develop technical skills, which are in high demand by businesses. Degree holders are good in principle, but not in practice in today's reality.

Intensive Instruction

Universities in Kenya are graduating students who lack the problem-solving skills that employers are looking for. Diploma students in Kenyan institutions, on the other hand, are taught top-notch problem-solving abilities that will help them succeed in the real world. There have been instances in Kenyan institutions where computer students are taken through an entire course without ever seeing a computer during class.

Diplomas are less expensive and offer better value for money.

Undergraduate degrees can cost up to $15,000 in course fees alone, whereas diplomas might cost less than half of that, or even a third of that. In addition, similar to university degrees, the government grants fee assistance to students who pursue diploma courses. You can check with your diploma education provider to see if you are eligible.

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