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Fire Engulfs Another Giant School's Dorm, 12 Students & Watchman Arrested As School Gets Closed

Many families and Kenyans will never forget the night of 25th March in 2001.Kyanguli secondary school in Machakos was thrown into mourning on this day when fire consumed dorms and students.67 students lost their lives from the fire incident.Majority of the students were also left hurt due to the commotion that was there.

Currently,the schools are also experiencing similar incidences of torching of schools.This is despite the Government's harsh warnings to the victims.A giant school in Kisii county has been closed indefinitely.The boys have lost their belongings to the fire inferno.12 Students from Nyamagwa boys secondary school together with their watchman will have to spend more nights in police custody.This is after being suspected to have participated in the torching of school's dorm.As reported by the Education digital news,the students might have also involved some outsiders on the torching of their dorm.

Surprisingly,the fire broke out when the students were asleep.Luckily,all the students escaped unhurt.As per the school administration,the cause of the fire is still unknown.

The schools should try to provide psychological counseling to the students to deeply understand them in order to evade such traumatising situations.

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