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Use This English Lessons To Keep Your Children Busy During Holiday

It is holiday and since our children are at home, we need to keep them busy and ensure they take their studies serious. Below are some of English Lessons you need to use to keep your children busy.

Possesive Nouns: they show that something belongs to the named thing. An apostrophe is used between the last letter of the word and an s to show Possession. Below are some examples

Irregular verbs: they are usually classified as present, past and past participle.

Active and passive voice. Examples are as below.

Plural nouns. For regular nouns, we have sone nouns that an -s or -es is added to the singular to make it be in plural. When a noun ends with letter y in singular, the y is dropped and replaced with -ies. For those nouns whose singular ends with f, the f is dropped and replaced with -ves.

For irregular nouns, each one takes its form when placed in plural. Examples are as below.

We also have to teach our children on pronunciation of consonants and vowels.

Synonyms are words that have nearly same meaning as the other. See examples below.

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. Examples are as follows.

Our children also need to learn about sounds and their categories. See the examples and categories of sounds.

Consonants are sounds we make that aren't vowels. Examples are stated below.

Vowels are sounds that we make when the breath flows out freely through the mouth. They are usually five vowels.

English alphabet consists of twenty six letters divided into vowels and consonants.

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