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Education: See The Three Standout Features of Competency Based Curriculum in Kenya

A competency-Based Curriculum(CBC) is a system that the government introduced such that learners can develop understanding and improve vital skills like meaningful thinking and imagination so that they can be able to unravel problems in life easily.

Here are some of the features of CBC in Kenya.

1. It is Learner-Centred. Firstly, the system esteems the learners as individuals and, therefore, entrusts them to proficient skills at their speed.

2. It is outcome-based. Learning here is geared towards attaining set goals. For example, a child can be taught how to make a chair. When the kid understands it fully and makes it on his own then the result has been achieved.

It is differentiated. Learning methods are flexible such that they can meet the desires of all learners.

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